Yemeni experience in the community dialogues


The Syrians aspire that dialogue is the best way to discuss their issues. The Zenobia Association works to participate in this effort by benefiting from the successful experiences in other countries that fought an armed conflict that was reflected in the social fabric
Therefore, on June 29, the Zenobia Association for Syrian Women organized, via the electronic platform, a panel discussion entitled “Community Dialogues”.
She hosted the Yemeni activist, Chair of Food4Humanity Foundation, a founding member of the Feminist Solidarity Network and an activist in the field of women, peace, and security in Yemen
Mrs: Mona Luqman
The session dealt with several points about the concept of social dialogue and its importance in the Syrian situation, in addition to strengthening the language of dialogue between Syrians, and that dialogue should not be confined to the elite but should be at all local levels with the involvement of the local community and civil society
and emphasizing the necessity to include all spectrums of Syrian society and emphasizing the role of women and youth.
We stood at the Yemeni experience in managing social dialogue in fraternal Yemen to benefit from their experiences close to the Syrian situation.
In a related context, the role and importance of women in community dialogue was discussed
The session was valuable and resulted in discussions by the attendees.
because What unites us is our belief and relevance to the cause, not our geographical locations.