Meetings that led to effective partnerships with Zenobia


In an effort from Zenobia Association to reach more categories, Zenobia has begun as a first step to expand the scope of its participation and interaction with organizations working inside and outside the Turkish city of Gaziantep,The association organized several meetings that resulted in distinguished partnerships that started with Tamkeen Association in Rihania in 2018, where the meeting between them resulted in the implementation of a joint project on health and legal awareness in both the cities of Gaziantep and Rihania, after that follow Zenobia toward its goal and it conducted a meeting with The Karimat Association from Kilis and the Two Organizations Reviving hope and Darb from Gaziantep in 2019, which resulted in cooperation and partnership in the implementation of a successful project entitled Psychosocial Support, It was done by attracting women from the cities of Gaziantep and Kilis, After this success, the Association met with the Women’s Protection Network in the city of  Antakia and based on the meeting and the intersection of objectives Zenobia became a member in the network, and agreed and coordinated between them to implement joint activities