The protection program within the Zenobia Association for Syrian Women provides protection services to Syrian women and girls and their families within the sectors: public protection, gender-based violence, and child protection
Through this program, Zenobia strives to guarantee the safety, dignity, and rights of Syrian women, by providing safe spaces for women and girls in which they are educated about the risks of gender-based violence, its types, and prevention mechanisms.
Zenobia also provides recreational activities, life skills training, and awareness-raising on reproductive health and the harms of early marriage.
Zenobia also refers to the beneficiaries to other services provided by organizations specialized in specific fields (such as medical, legal and other services), and Zenobia has designed and distributed brochures that include the addresses of the most important centers providing psychosocial support services in the city of Gaziantep.
Zenobia also seeks to empower women economically by providing some vocational training and helping them to take societal initiatives and launch their own projects.



The project’s goal was to enhance psychological well-being, creative expression, and leadership ability, and to encourage men and women, and

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