Iraq’s Experience in Peaceful Coexistence


proceeding from that the tolerance and coexistence are the key to getting rid of differences and is an important and necessary condition to start building peace and the real facilitator of social progress through which we can overcome intolerance, discrimination and hatred in our societies.On 31 May, Zenobia Association for Syrian Women in coordination with The Revival of Peace executed a dialogue session through the electronic platform zoom  and in the presence of 38 people

 where was hosted the Iraqi civil activist and president of the Harmony organization for the Defense of Human Rights, Professor: Raghad Alhamidawi in order to benefit from the experiences of women in brotherly Iraq in the subject of peaceful coexistence during the period of wars and conflicts witnessed in her country, the session discussed several interactive dialogues on peaceful coexistence and its concept and talking about the experience of Iraqi women in achieving peaceful coexistence, as well as discussing the obstacles to peaceful coexistence and how to confront them, the session enriched important interactive discussions of participants from the brotherly State of Iraq and a distinguished presence from the inside Syrian