Tunisia under scrutiny

The series of dialogue sessions for the “Homes for Peace” project, implemented by the Zenobia Association for Syrian Women, concluded in Gaziantep, where the association held several interactive dialogue sessions related to active citizenship and peacebuilding and learning about the experiences of some countries in building peace and combating violent extremism, such as Yemen, Iraq, South Africa, and in conclusion, the Tunisian experience is under scrutiny.

We hosted the Tunisian professor Fadia Al-Qassimi, a trainer in the field of women’s participation and empowerment issues in the Arab world and civil society in Tunisia.
The session was held via the Zoom electronic platform on 1st, December 2020.
The session included important dialogues about the importance of women’s contribution and their role in achieving deep peace in Tunisia. Also, stories about women who had a role in combating violence and bringing peace to Tunisia were presented.