launch PASS sessions in friendly homes


Based on Zenobia’s confidence that women are the basis of the family and the cohesion of society, especially refugee women in poor and marginalized areas where they are more vulnerable to ignorance, and within its project, psychosocial support with the support of ECAN and in partnership with Karimat and in cooperation with the Organization for Hope Revival, the Zenobia Association implemented 30 home sessions In psychosocial support during the two and a half months from the date of 10/07/2019 to 23/09/2019 targeting women in different regions of the Turkish Gaziantep city, where these sessions were on the following topics:

  • General concepts of psychosocial support in addition to exploring the needs of women within this field.
  • Define psychological stress, their causes and symptoms, and ways to relieve them.
  • How to deal with children and the age stages of a person, and the focus was on adolescence and the needs of adolescents at this stage.
  • Dealing with problems, methods used to confront problems and the skill of solving problems.
  • The concept of self-care and its impact on the soul and the environment, where the last sessions was a trips organized by Zenobia, and during the trips there were several recreational activities