ISIS brochure does not represent me

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The teachings of all the monotheistic religions call for peace, love, brotherhood, acquaintance between
peoples, compassion, sympathy, and the Islamic religion, which is described as a religion of mercy. God
Almighty says “we did not send you except as a mercy for the worlds”. Islam is a religion of mercy,
goodness and tolerance for all human being. Therefore, we affirm that the terrorist organization ISIS
does not belong to Islam, neither from near nor from afar. As a thought, it is not familiar to our society.
The crimes committed by ISIS against humanity are completely incompatible with the principles of Islam
and its lofty values and ideals. The mass killings and massacres of opponents and those who disagree
with ISIS revealed the grim and true picture of the organization and other organizations that falsely
claim their affiliation with Islam, and their real goal is nothing but to seize power and money and
struggle for them only and take religion as a pretext and cover to cover up their crimes and distort the
image of religion Tolerant Islam. We, in Zenobia Association, believe that the ISIS case is a strange and
rejected state by the Syrian society, and that it cannot be native to it, and that the conditions of war and
injustice that occurred on the Syrian people provided the opportunity for ISIS to dominate, and we
present a small example of some women telling their stories themselves and expressing it with their
drawings and these stores are only a small part of the stories of the suffering of Syrians that have not

ended yet and we hope that they will end soon