Women Writing the Future Constitution of Syria project

Zenobia carried out this project in 2022 for seven months, with support from WPHF & WILPF, aimed to give Syrian women a contribution to the most important political aspects of life and nation-building, which is drafting the constitution, as well as enhancing their participation in the drafting and reviewing process, in addition to the importance of enhancing political participation of women in the transition process and building peace, which in turn will lead to the creation of political and legal awareness among members of the community, especially women, which will in the future overcome obstacles that prevent them from enjoying the freedom to practice their roles in accordance with the law. All this will lead to the creation of a strong state based on equality.

The project was based on collecting outputs from 12 dialogue sessions in six different contexts (Germany – France – Turkey – east of the Euphrates – As-Suwayda – northwestern Syria) which were implemented by a team of qualified young women in the aforementioned contexts and had the participation of 188 men and women, with a 78% participation rate of women, from various segments of the Syrian society (Arabs, Kurds, Turkmens, Druze, Christians, and Muslims) and targeting 30 civil society organizations.

Afterward, the outputs of the dialogues were formulated, in addition to the dialogues of leaders, with the help of legal and gender consultants to reach a comprehensive and summary recommendations paper.

The recommendations paper was presented to key actors from both tracks one and two, activists, and representatives of similar context countries, within a conference at the end of the project, also provided feedback with final sessions in the six contexts in which the project was implemented.