An initiative because you deserve it


The nine years of war in Syria have exacerbated the suffering of women and put them under very large pressures that they did not get used to, in addition to the social and cultural constraints that existed before the war, namely the set of customs, traditions and social practices that lose women’s sense of self-entitlement, self-confidence and the ability to express themselves, which has increased the magnitude of the suffering their transition to the countries of asylum, which constitute new societies of different customs, as well as the challenge of language, societal differences, pressures and economic burdens significantly on women and the family, all these pressures and challenges that woman face , keep her away from caring for herself and looking for a security space that makes her feel beautiful and femininity

Zenobia Association noted through its involvement with working with poor and simple Categories that women visiting to women’s barber shops and caring for themselves is considered a luxury an unacceptable in the face of poverty and need and the pursuit of a living.

Zenobia Association launched an initiative (because you deserve) on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, which depends on the fact that the barber shop come to women homes perhaps this initiative brings joy to the hearts of women who have suffered a lot of pain, fatigue, exploitation and marginalization in order to they feel important, beautiful, and deserve to be more beautiful.

The initiative was responded to by 7 women beauty experts from the team of women who have worked with them to be able to influence the community by inviting them to a number of sessions focused on mental and physical health as well as educating them legally and communityly in addition to supporting their ability to work and self-sufficiency, the 7 experts volunteered to provide cosmetic service to women in friendly houses

With the help of Zenobia’s team, the experts were able to obtain the necessary cosmetics to cover this initiative

The women were hosted in three friendly houses to be converted into temporary beauty centers to submit the beauty they deserve, whether cut, dye or hairstyling, as well as beautifying and care for the skin, the work continued in every house for five hours

Beauty experts submitted the helping to a group of 52 women and little girls, most of them widows, orphans, with special needs or wives of people with special needs.
We as a Zenobia team were so happy when we received pictures of these women when we saw women who were laughing for the first time since we  met them through friendly houses.

Yes, my lady you deserve to be happy.


Done on 1/11/2016